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Liability Insurance For Full and Part-Time Yoga

Instructors, Trainers, and Therapists.

In your industry, you rejuvenate your customers’ minds, bodies, and souls—but sometimes, accidents and injuries happen. Career Shield Insurance is here to insure you and ensure that no matter what happens, our comprehensive coverage has your back.


$159  /12 Months


$179 /12 Months


$327.95 /24 Months

Trusted In Your Industry & Beyond

We’re so glad to have you as part of the Career Shield Insurance team. When you join us at Career Shield Insurance, you join over 300,000 professionals who are receiving the peace of mind, business-building coverage, and best-in-class malpractice insurance they need to succeed. What’s the best part of this coverage? We’re backed by Arthur J. Gallagher, a Fortune 500 global insurance brokerage, and underwritten by Arch Specialty Insurance Group—with an A+ Rating by AM Best.  

We Provide What Other Partners Don’t—All-Inclusive Coverage at a Peace of Mind Price


Professional & General Liability 

Product Coverage

Damage to Rental Premises

Stolen Equipment Coverage 


$2 million per occurrence/ $3 million annual aggregate

$2 million annual aggregate


$1,000 with a $250 deductible

Enjoy Yogi-Level Peace of Mind With Reliable, Comprehensive Coverage 

Instruct and live confidently knowing you’re covered by the reliable, dependable protection you need to do your job well. With occurrence form coverage, you’ll remain protected for the time period you were covered—even after your policy expires.

Insurance Policy Highlights


Experience comprehensive coverage that backs over 350 different yoga, beauty, and massage modalities. 

No Added Fees—Embark on your unique career adventure and experience coverage for multiple disciplines. From massage and dance to Pilates and esthetics, you’ll never navigate the hassle of added fees. 

Coverage That Follows You—Even if you change jobs, switch to part-time, or offer your services at festivals or online, our coverage is just as flexible as you are. 

Instant Certificate—Never again will you need to wait around for approvals—we provide instant coverage as soon as you checkout. Receive instant coverage and proof of certificate immediately upon purchase. 

Get More, Save More—30% more, in fact! Awaken the best version of you (and your best career) with our cost-saving benefits!


In addition to comprehensive coverage, affordable rates, and peace of mind, we offer our members exclusive benefits only available to those who team up with Career Shield Insurance. 

FREE Business Resources—an easy-to-customize website, industry discounts, resources for building your yoga business, our endless yoga playlist, mindfulness eBook, yoga retreat guide, and so much more! 

Inhale Information, Exhale Wisdom—knowledge is power! Enjoy FREE access to our leading pose directory which offers modification and teaching tips for more than 75 poses. 

Discount on GAIAM—stock up on all your yoga teaching essentials. As a Career Shield Insurance member, you’ll receive a 30% discount on all GAIAM products and purchases.   

Yoga Instructors—become the instructor you were always meant to be! Enjoy our yoga class planning resources, teaching technique training, sequencing insight, and business advice. 

Do I Need Yoga Liability Insurance?

To be as blunt and honest as possible—it’s an absolute necessity. As a professional, you’ll work up-close and person with yogis of all skill levels. And no matter how talented, cautious, and careful you might be, the unfortunate truth is that accidents and injuries—and allegations of these—sometimes happen. That’s why we believe it’s absolutely vital for professionals like you to invest in both professional and general liability insurance for your yoga instructor career. We believe this type of insurance is a crucial piece to the puzzle when it comes to safeguarding your job, your future, your finances, and your reputation. As much as we wish you’d never have to deal with a claim, the reality is, industry research reveals that more accidents are happening with each passing year. You deserve the peace of mind needed to do your job confidently, and with our top-notch coverage, affordable rates, and priority for your protection, we’re proud to ensure that we’ve got your back no matter what happens. 


Protect Your Career Today 

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Need to Weigh Your Insurance Options?

Compare our comprehensive yoga liability insurance coverage with our competitors in the grid below. 

Yoga Styles Covered by Career Shield Insurance

Active Isolated Stretching
Ai Chi
Alexander Technique
Amma Therapy
Animal Acupressure
Animal Massage
Anma Therapy
Applied Kinesiology
Aqua Massage
ARC Technique
Aroma-Reflex Therapy
Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy
Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage
Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy
Asian Bodywork Therapy
Aston Patterning
Asymmetric Body Balancing
Ayurvedic Massage
Bach Flower Remedies – Topicals
Balinese Massage
Bamboo Fusion
Barbara Brennan Technique
Barefoot Shiatsu
Belavia Facelift Massage
Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy
Berry Method
Bindegewebs Massage
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Bioenergy Massage
Biomagnetic Touch Healing
Biosonic Repatterning
Bio Touch Healing
Body Image Enrichment
Body Logic
Body Wraps
Body-Mind Centering
Bodywork for the Childbearing Year
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen System
Bowen Technique
Breast Massage
Breathing Techniques
Breema Breathwork
Bridgewebs Massage
Canadian Deep Muscle Massage
Cayce/Reilly Massage
Chair Massage
Chi Gong
Chi Nei Tsang
Chikly Brain Curriculum
Chinese Massage
Chubinsky Method
Classical Massage
Color Light Therapy (no lasers)
Complete Decongestive Therapy
Connective Tissue Massage
CORE Bodywork
Core Energetics
Cranial Release Technique
Cranial Soft Tissue Release
Craniosacral Therapy
Critz Technique
Cross Fiber Massage
Crystal Therapy
Cyriax Massage
Deep Muscle Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage
Ear Candling
Eden Energy Medicine
Egoscue Method
Emotion Code
Emotional Freedom Technique
Energetic Transformation
Energy Balancing
Energy Healing Techniques
Energy Kinesiology
Equine Massage
Equine Reiki

Esalen Massage
Essential Oils Massage
Facial Massage
Fascial and Membrane Technique
Feldenkrais Method
Feng Shui
Fertility Massage
Fijian Massage
Five Element Shiatsu
Forearm Dance Technique
Four-Hand Massage
Full Spectrum Energy Medicine
Functional Range Release
Geriatric Massage
G-Jo Acupressure
Gua Sha
Hama Massage
Hand Reflexology
Hannah Somatic Education
Hawaiian Bodywork
Healing Touch
Hemme Approach
Hoffa Massage Technique
Holistic Massage
Holotropic Breathwork
Hoshino Therapy
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Towels
Hydrocollator Hotpacs
IGM Method
Indian Head Massage
Infant Massage
Injury Massage
Innovative Pet Therapy
Insight Bodywork
Integrated Awareness
Integrative Acupressure
Integrative Eclectic Shiatsu
Internal Organ Massage
Intra-Oral Massage
Ionic Footbath
IP Touch
Jamu Massage
Japanese Shiatsu
Jin Shin Jyutsu
Kinesiology Taping
Kripalu Bodywork
Kriya Massage
Kurashova Massage
LaStone Therapy
Lava Shell Technique
LED Lights
LHE Phototherapy (no lasers)
Light of Life Energy
Longevity Energetics
Looyen Work
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
Lymphedma Therapy
Macrobiotic Shiatsu
Magnet Therapy
Manual Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy Instruction
Maya Abdominal Massage
McMillan Massage Technique
Mechanical Link
Medical Massage
Medical Qigong Therapy
MELT Method
Mennell Massage Technique
Merciér Therapy
Mother Massage
Muscle Activation Technique
Muscle Energy Technique
Myofascial Release
Myoskeletal Alignment Technique
Nepali Massage
Neural Manipulation
Neuromuscular Reprogramming
Neuromuscular Therapy
New Manual Articular Approach
Niel-Asher Technique

Nuad Bo’ Rarn
Nurse Massage
Okazaki Restorative Massage
Oncology Massage
On-Site Massage
Orthopedic Massage
Pediatric Massage
Pet Massage
Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy
PNF Stretches
Polarity Therapy
Positional Release
Postural Integration
Practical Movement
Pranic Healing
Pregnancy Massage
Prenatal Massage
Process Acupressure
Push Therapy
Raindrop Therapy
Range of Motion
Raynor Massage Therapy
Reconnective Healing
Reflexology Instruction
Remedial Massage
Rolfing Structural Integration
Rosen Method
Rossiter System
Rubenfeld Synergy Method
Russian Massage
Rys Thomas Energy Medicine
Sabai of Sa-wan Therapy
SacroOccipital Technique
Safe Touch Massage
Schulman Therapy
Seated Massage
Sensory Repatterning
Shen Jing Acupressure
Shiatsu Amma Therapy
Soma Neuromuscular Integration
Somatic Therapy
SomatoEmotional Release
SourcePoint Therapy
Sound Healing
Sound Therapy
Sports Massage
St. John Neuromuscular Therapy
Steamy Wonder System
Stone Therapy
Stretching Techniques
Structural Energetic Therapy
Structural Integration
Sugar Scrub
Swedish Massage
Swe-Thai Massage
Tai Chi
Tapping Techniques
Tellington Touch
Temporomandibular Therapy
Thai Herbal Compress Technique
Thai Massage
Thai Yoga Massage
The Healing Code
Therapeutic Touch
Theresa Primmer Method of Deep
Thumper Massage
Tian Di Bamboo Massage
Tibetan Massage
Total Body Balancing
Touch For Health
Touch Therapy Instructors
Touch to T.E.A.C.H.
Trager Work
Trauma Erase
Trauma Touch Therapy
Trigger Point Therapy
Tsubo Point Therapy
Tuning Forks
Vedic Massage
Venus freeze
Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy
Visceral Manipulation
Warm Bamboo Massage
Wurn Technique
Yamuna Body Rolling
Yuen Method
Zen Shiatsu
Zero Balancing
Zone Therapy

Acro Yoga
Chi Kung

Kali Ray TriYoga
Naam Yoga Therapy
Phoenix Rising Power

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga
White Lotus
YogaFit® Personal Training
Yoga Therapy*



Chemical wave
Custom wrap
Design, cut and style
Flash or balyage highlights
Hair bleaching

Hair coloring
Hair treatments
Permanent wave

Thermal styling
Wet styling
Wig stylist

Acne treatments
Body scrub
Chemical peel (no lasers)
Cold Light Series 6 Facials
Color consultations
Cosmetic massage
Eyebrow shaping
Eyebrow tinting

Eyelash Extensions
Hair removal (no lasers)
Herbal wraps
Make-up (not permanent)
Micro-current Toning
Micro needling

Salt scrubs
Skin peels
Ultra sonic facial
Ultra sound facials
Vitamin C peels

Airbrush designs
False nails
Foot scrubs

Nail art
Nail extensions
Nail repair

Paraffin pedicures
Stencil designs

Dance Instruction

Yoga Liability Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still unsure if you need yoga liability insurance? Are you wondering what type of insurance will best protect you and your career? If so, know that you’re not alone—we’re here to answer all the questions you might have about coverage, details, and the benefits Career Shield Insurance is proud to offer our members.

How much does yoga insurance cost?

That depends on who you partner with! Realistically, insurance companies will offer you coverage and limits that are specific to your policy—but typically you’ll end up with yoga liability insurance somewhere between $179-$400 annually. Cost is an important thing to consider when it comes to your insurance—don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! That’s why Career Shield Insurance offers affordable rates without compromising coverage—our annual professional plan begins at $179, and we even offer $25 rates for yoga students in training. 

What is Yoga Insurance?

We like to think about yoga insurance as a big, protective safety net that’s tailor-made for professionals like you. As a professional in the industry, we already know how skilled and qualified you are—but think of yoga liability insurance as a special safeguard that’s there to protect you should anything go wrong. By this, we mean allegations, injuries, claims, or lawsuits—because no matter how careful you are, stuff sometimes happens. Whether it’s a student’s accidental slip-and-fall in your studio or someone pulls a muscle, top-notch professional and general liability will safeguard you against claims that could result from instances like these.

Who Exactly is Career Shield Insurance?

Hey, we’re Career Shield Insurance—we’re so glad to make your acquaintance. We’re really big fans of the yoga industry, that’s why we’re one of the largest service providers offering insurance policy coverage for yoga instructors, teachers, and therapists just like you. We’re proud to include more comprehensive coverage and benefits specifically for your industry than the average liability policy—and that’s directly because our coverage was tailor-made for professionals within your industry (just like you). We’re proud to offer comprehensive coverage and protective policies at such competitive rates that you could end up paying nearly 30% less than with other providers. But don’t worry—just because we skimp on the price doesn’t mean we skimp on our coverage. We believe in all-inclusive policies that boost your peace of mind, and that means we’ve always got your back.

How Much Coverage Should I Have for My Yoga Liability Insurance?

The recommended coverage levels for professional and general liability is typically about $2 million per occurrence and at least a $3 million annual aggregate. Ideally, you’d also have a product coverage of $2 million annual aggregate. The important thing to remember here? Not all policies are created equal. Make sure you do your research, understand what you need, and work with an insurance partner that will happily answer all of your questions. 

What Modalities Are Covered by Yoga Liability Insurance?

At Career Shield Insurance, we understand that yoga doesn’t just mean one type of yoga. From hatha to Bikram and everything in between, we believe that you can benefit the world by offering your expert services in the hundreds of types of yoga that exist. That’s why Career Shield Insurance provides you with coverage for over 350 yoga styles and healing practices.

Do I need Insurance if I Am Working In a Studio?

You might be thinking, “I work in a yoga studio with their own coverage—do I really need my own?” While you’re probably right that your studio might cover some of your needs, it’s highly unlikely you’ll always be protected under their policy. It’s crucial that you have your own protection that’s looking out for you and your career in case something happens.

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How Do I Find the Best Yoga Insurance For Me?

Insurance can vary immensely from provider to provider, so it’s important to take the time to do some research and determine what might be the best fit for you. The last thing you need or want as a yoga teacher is an expensive liability insurance policy. Or worse, one that does not provide the levels of coverage and benefits you should have protecting you. Deciding on a high-quality yoga insurance policy for your needs can feel overwhelming. Follow these steps to help make the right determination:

  1. Compare the plan prices
  2. Check to see if the modalities you practice are covered
  3. Where does the coverage extend to? Only at a studio? Or does it cover you no matter where you are teaching?
  4. Compare what additional benefits are offered free of charge or for a price
  5. Utilize comparison grids to visually compare plans from the different companies
As a Yoga Teacher, What Kind of Insurance Do I Need?

To be frank, we think you need the best kind of insurance—but we know that’s not a helpful answer. We highly recommend finding a coverage plan that includes general liability insurance (sometimes called slip-and-fall) as well as professional liability insurance (known as malpractice). Other types of valuable insurance coverages that are available by some companies include product coverage liability, rental damage coverage, and stolen equipment coverage. With the growing number of yoga practitioners desiring other services (like massage) to be incorporated with their yoga, product coverage insurance is becoming more and more needed.

What is the Difference Between General Liability and Professional Liability?

That’s one of the most commonly asked insurance questions—one we’re glad to answer! General liability insurance is often referred to as slip-and-fall insurance—it covers you against any third-party claims for injury or property damage. Professional liability insurance, otherwise called malpractice insurance, will help protect you against any third-party claims for your posture corrections or instruction that led to an injury (or alleged injury).

Am I covered if I teach at various locations?

We can’t always speak for the other guys, but if you team up with us, you’ll be good to go no matter where you go! Achieve the peace of mind you need to do your job well knowing that you’re covered no matter where you teach (within the US)—from a yoga studio to an outdoor park to a fitness center or a festival, we’ve got your back!

Every Insurance Policy Sold = 1 Tree Planted

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”—Chinese Proverb.

Every time someone joins our team at Career Shield Insurance, we plant a tree in their honor. Thanks to our stellar community of members and our friends at Trees for the Future, thousands of trees have been planted so far. 

Just as we believe in protecting your career and helping you grow, we believe in protecting our planet and helping it grow, too—help us continue this journey by referring your colleagues and friends to our program today!