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Comprehensive Malpractice Coverage & Premium Protection for Speech Language Pathologists. One Up-Front Price With No Long Quote Process. Plus, General Liability Included FREE!

Liability Insurance Coverage Uniquely Designed For Speech Language Pathologists—Includes $25,000 of License Protection Coverage

As a speech-language pathologist, it’s your passion to assess, treat, and diagnose your patients in order to help them in every and any way you can. At Career Shield Insurance, we have the exact same passion. Our comprehensive speech language pathologist liability insurance is designed to help mitigate and eliminate the risks you face in your unique career. We’re proud to safeguard you, your career, and your future with our malpractice insurance uniquely crafted to fit your industry. In addition to speech language pathologists, this insurance also covers speech therapists, speech pathologists, speech language pathologist assistants and aides, academic language therapists, and language therapists.


$71  /12 Months

Trusted In Your Industry & Beyond

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our team! Join over 300,000 professionals who are experiencing peace of mind, comprehensive protection, and business-building coverage with our best-in-class malpractice insurance and exclusive member benefits. The best part? We’re backed By Arthur J. Gallagher—Fortune 500 global insurance brokerage—and underwritten by Arch Specialty Insurance Group—with an  A+ Rating by AM Best. 

Top-Notch Speech-language Pathologist Insurance—Here to Protect Your Thriving Career


Professional & General Liability 

Product Coverage

Damage to Rental Premises

License Protection Coverage

Loss of Earnings Coverage

First Aid Coverage

Deposition Expense Coverage

Assault On You Coverage

Good Samaritan Coverage


$1 million per occurrence/ $3 million annual aggregate

$1 million annual aggregate








Speech-Language Pathologist Liability Insurance Coverage—

Premium Protection, Peace of Mind Price 

A specialized field like yours goes hand-in-hand with immense rewards. As part of your career, you have the privilege to guide your patients toward better, more efficient communication skills as a part of their wellness journey. But it’s undeniable that in addition to rewards, you also face distinct risks as a speech-language pathologist. What does this mean for your coverage needs? A generalized, one-size-fits-all career insurance policy just won’t do. As a speech-language pathologist, you need a policy that was designed for your career by an insurance partner who understands the unique risks and rewards of your career. That’s where Career Shield Insurance comes in. The best part? We offer up-front pricing—because we know you don’t have time for a lengthy, back-and-forth quote process.

Insurance Policy Highlights


Career Shield Insurance’s speech-language pathologist liability insurance was uniquely designed to fit your specific career, mitigate the risks inherently associated with your industry, and help you grow your thriving career. Our umbrella policy covers professional liability, general liability, product liability, and more to ensure that you’re protected and safeguarded from every angle. Further, we’re doing everything we can to support your career—that’s why we cover more services and treatments, offer flexible coverage that moves with you, and of course, always ensure affordable pricing.

Premium Protection, Peace of Mind Price—Having the right coverage and premium protection are top priorities for Career Shield Insurance—but we’re focused on making our rates as affordable as ever, too. We work hard to provide comprehensive coverage that skimps on price (but never on protection). 

Instant Coverage—At Career Shield Insurance, we believe in premium protection that kicks in instantly. Gone are the days of waiting days, weeks, or even months for your new protective coverage to begin. From the moment you team up with Career Shield, confirm your membership, and pay your up-front rate, you’ll be covered.

Up-Front Pricing, No Long Waits—Long waits, back and forth negotiations, and annoying quote processes are a thing of the past. With Career Shield Insurance, you receive up-front pricing every time—that means you’ll be covered faster than ever.

Coverage That Follows You—Moving states? Starting your own pathologist practice? Planning to join forces with another pathologist? Whatever you decide, our coverage will move with you—we’ll never hold you back from growing your career.


We’ve created an extensive suite of exclusive members’-only benefits for all of our insurance members:

  • Telehealth – Consult with a physician 24/7/365 via telephone, video, or mobile app without needing health insurance — with only a $10 copay. 
  • MetLife – Get access to affordable group rates for dental and add-on vision plans.
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  • Rental CarsGet up to 25% off teh base rate on Budget and Avis rental cars. 

Do I Need Speech-Language Pathologist Errors and Omissions Insurance?   

We believe it’s in every professional’s best interest to invest in liability insurance—especially when it comes to specialized fields that work up-close and personal (and in hands-on ways) with other people. As a specialized professional, you value hard work, experience, and professionalism—but even the most trained and dedicated speech pathologists can make mistakes. These incidents—whether actual or alleged—can potentially derail the career you’ve worked so hard to build. And unfortunately—whether you’ve been in the industry for 20 days or 20 years—professional, general, and product liability insurance policies are absolutely crucial to ensure that you can continue practicing and helping patients. Mistakes happen, and unfortunately, these events can lead to hefty financial settlements, legal repercussions, and damages to your reputation and career. When you team up with a quality insurance partner, your protection comes first. That means should a claim ever arise, you’ll have a dedicated team at your side shouldering the financial responsibility, legal headaches, and more.

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Picking the Best Speech-Language Pathologist Liability Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions 

Picking the perfect speech-language pathologist liability insurance can be a tricky process. If you feel overwhelmed, confused, and like you have several unanswered questions weighing on your mind, know that you’re not alone. At Career Shield Insurance, we’re constantly trying to do everything in our power to simplify and streamline the insurance process to make your selection easier and more straightforward than ever. Take a look through some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received from speech-language pathologists—if you don’t see your burning insurance question in this list, reach out to the Career Shield Insurance team. We’re here to make your insurance selection process easier than ever!

What Exactly Does Speech-Language Pathologist Liability Insurance Do? How Does it Help?

We always suggest thinking about liability insurance as if it was a safety net. In this scenario, think of yourself as a tightrope walker. You’ve been training and practicing for years, you know what you’re doing, and there’s no reason to believe you’d ever make a misstep and fall. The net below you, well, that’s just a confidence-booster—it’s there to ensure that you can do your job to the best of your ability without fear holding you back. While you hope you’ll never need it, you do a better job confidently walking that tightrope because you know it’s there, underneath you, ready to catch you should you fall. Then, if anything ever does happen—whether you make a misstep or someone pushes you while you’re walking on the tightrope—you’ll be glad you have the net there to catch you. While it’s possible you’ll never make a mistake in your speech-language pathologist career, it’s also not entirely impossible either, and having that net there is going to protect you should anything happen. In other words, if a misstep, claim of negligence, damage, or injury ever occurs on your watch, your liability insurance will protect you, keep you safe, and ensure you can get back up on the tightrope again as quickly as possible.

What Kind of Liability Insurance Does Career Shield Insurance Provide for Speech-Language Pathologists?

At Career Shield Insurance, we believe in providing a comprehensive liability policy for speech-language pathologists that covers professional liability insurance (sometimes called errors and omissions insurance or malpractice insurance), general liability insurance (commonly referred to as slip-and-fall insurance), product liability insurance, and beyond. 

Here’s a more thorough version of what we cover, why we cover it, and how it can help you. 

  • General Liability: protects speech-language pathologists like you from claims for injuries or property damage. With Career Shield Insurance, you have a $1 million per occurrence and $3 million individual annual aggregate for general liability claims.
  • Professional Liability: provides coverage for claims asserting you were negligent in your services and an injury or form of damage occurred as a result. Professional liability claims also come with a $1 million per occurrence and $3 million individual annual aggregate.
  • Product Liability: provides protection from an allergic reaction from the use of products in performing your services. You’ll be covered up to $1 million for product liability claims.
  • Rental Damage Coverage: provides coverage for damages you or a client caused to a rented space, up to $100,000.
  • Stolen Equipment: provides $1,000 worth of coverage for any equipment that’s stolen, less a $250 deductible.
What’s the Difference Between Occurrence Form and Claims-Made Insurance Policies?

Occurrence form insurance and claims-made insurance are two different types of insurance policies. At Career Shield Insurance, we proudly offer occurrence form coverage for a very distinct reason—reliability. Occurrence form coverage guarantees that you’ll be protected for the time period in which your policy was active—even if a claim is filed retroactively. That means if someone files a claim against you a year after your policy with us expires, but the alleged event took place when your policy with us was active, we’ll cover you—no questions asked. A claims-made policy will not work the same way. Instead, they’ll only take care of you when your policy is active.

My Employer’s Insurance Will Cover Me If Anything Happens—Do I Really Need My Own?

Honestly, even if you are partially covered under your employer’s insurance, it’s crucial for you to have your own. Why? Think about it this way. Let’s pretend your employer’s insurance policy is like an umbrella. When it starts to rain, there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t invite you underneath that umbrella to stay warm and dry. But here’s the thing—even if you’re welcomed in, your employer is going to be the one holding the center and you’re going to be on the outskirts of the umbrella. That means, when push comes to shove, you’re probably the first one to get rained on—or worse, kicked out from under that protective shield. This doesn’t mean anything bad about your employer or their policy because that insurance policy is doing exactly what it’s designed to do—protect your employer. As a professional speech-language pathologist, it’s crucial that you’re investing in your own protection that’s going to prioritize you, your career, and your future.

How Long Does the Quote Process Take With Career Shield Insurance?

We only believe in up-front pricing. In other words, no lengthy quote processes, no obnoxious back-and-forth negotiations, and no time wasted whatsoever.

Do I Need to Invest in Professional Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance?

Absolutely! We also recommend product liability insurance, too. This trifecta of coverage is sometimes referred to as umbrella liability insurance—because it covers you from most (if not all) eventualities. At Career Shield Insurance, we offer all three of these liability coverages in our speech-language pathologist policy—that way, you’re taken care of from every single angle.

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