Optometrist Liability Insurance–Premium Protection from Career Shield Insurance

Comprehensive Malpractice Coverage & Premium Protection for Optometrists. One Up-Front Price, No Long Quote Process, and FREE General Liability Included 

Liability Insurance Designed Specifically for Optometrists including $25,000 of License Protection Coverage

Serving your patients is your top priority. That’s a sentiment we can get behind. At Career Shield Insurance, optometrists like you are our top priority–and we’re here to protect your career and safeguard your future. You give so much to your patients, and it’s time to give back to yourself. Support your thriving career with an investment in your own protection from Career Shield Insurance. Our comprehensive optometrist liability insurance provides you with unique protection against the specific risks you face every single day in your practice. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all-career policies here. Our comprehensive optometrist liability insurance was crafted for optometrists by those who understand your career. 


$299  /12 Months

Trusted In Your Industry & Beyond

We’re so glad to have you as part of the Career Shield Insurance team. When you join us at Career Shield Insurance, you join over 300,000 professionals who are receiving the peace of mind, business-building coverage, and best-in-class malpractice insurance they need to succeed. What’s the best part of this coverage? We’re backed by Arthur J. Gallagher, a Fortune 500 global insurance brokerage, and underwritten by Arch Specialty Insurance Group—with an A+ Rating by AM Best.  

Covered Services

  • Optometrist
  • Optician

Premium Optometrist Insurance—Here to Support & Protect Your Growing Career


Professional & General Liability 

Product Coverage

Damage to Rental Premises

License Protection Coverage

Loss of Earnings Coverage

First Aid Coverage

Deposition Expense Coverage

Assault On You Coverage

Good Samaritan Coverage


$1 million per occurrence/ $3 million annual aggregate

$1 million annual aggregate








Optometrist Liability Insurance Coverage–Premium Protection at a Peace of Mind Price

At Career Shield Insurance, we know your career inside and out. That’s why we know a one-size-fits-any-career insurance policy simply won’t do. Your career demands coverage that’s built for your optometry career. That means it should address the specific risks you face every single day. With our team, your policy is built for your career by an insurance provider who understands it. Comprehensive coverage will tackle the real risks you face every day in your practice, ensuring you’re protected no matter what might happen. Discover how Career Shield Insurance can offer you both the protection you demand along with the peace of mind pricing you deserve.

Insurance Policy Highlights


Career Shield Insurance’s optometrist insurance coverage was created to fit your unique career, mitigate your specific risks, and provide a reliable environment for you to continually invest in your future. Our umbrella policy doesn’t just protect you against one type of risk; it covers you for a multitude. With our coverage, you’ll get professional liability, general liability, product liability, and so much more. Why? Because we want to ensure you’re protected from every angle. The best part? We’re proud to cover an abundance of services, no matter what your practice might entail.

Premium Protection, Peace of Mind Price—Do you want premium coverage without the premium price? Luckily, that’s our specialty. We believe in keeping prices low without skimping on protection. At Career Shield Insurance, you can rely on our comprehensive coverage for premium protection, all without paying a premium price.

Immediate Coverage—Instant coverage is our prerogative. Once you find the right coverage, why wait? As soon as you sign up with the Career Shield Insurance team, you’re covered immediately.

Coverage That Follows You—If you move, your coverage moves with you. Whether you’re swapping practices, moving out of state, or opening your own office, our coverage follows you, ensuring you’re always protected.

No Long Waits and Up-Front pricing —At Career Shield Insurance, we’re never interested in wasting your time. Experience up-front coverage without any of the hassles of going back and forth to find the “right price.” Receive your quote, join our team, and let instant coverage kick in. That’s all there is to it.


Your coverage is just the start of your benefits. At Career Shield Insurance, we’re into providing for our clients in a big way. That means we offer member-only benefits like these:

  • Telehealth – Consult with a physician 24/7/365 via telephone, video, or mobile app without needing health insurance — with only a $10 copay. 
  • MetLife – Get access to affordable group rates for dental and add-on vision plans.
  • VSP – Get up to $300 in savings on eye exams and glasses.
  • Lenovo – Save 30% off the everyday public web price of Lenovo’s entire line of PC products. 
  • UPS – Get special pricing on UPS with 50% off Air, 30% off Ground, and free UPS Smart Pickup® Service. 
  • Office Depot/Max – Get 75% off Office Depot and OfficeMax preferred products. 
  • Rental CarsGet up to 25% off the base rate on Budget and Avis rental cars. 

Do I Need Optometrist Errors and Omissions Insurance?

If we could answer with one word, it would be a simple “yes.” But we’re happy to dive into a more comprehensive explanation. Every day you step into your role as an optometrist, you take on a certain amount of inherent risk. Should this stop you from doing your job? Never. Should this be something you ignore? Absolutely not. Acknowledging that inherent risk is a good thing, but protecting yourself against it is even better. No matter how skilled, practiced, or conscientious you might be, mistakes do happen. Without coverage to have your back, you could deal with the repercussions on your own. Thankfully, premium coverage from a reliable provider can change everything. When you team up with Career Shield Insurance, you don’t just receive a way to mitigate that risk; you also receive the peace of mind that comes with knowing if something ever did happen, you’ve got a team behind you.

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Picking the Best Optometrist Liability Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

The process of choosing the right optometrist liability insurance isn’t always as streamlined as we’d like it to be. There’s no denying that insurance can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or are not quite sure how to determine the right kind of insurance for your optometrist career, skim our FAQs below. At Career Shield Insurance, we’re big on simplifying the insurance process. Don’t see your question below? Reach out to our team anytime for clarification and guidance.

What Exactly Does Optometrist Liability Insurance Do? How Does it Help?

We always like to advise our clients to think about liability insurance like they would a safety net. In fact, let’s take this analogy a step further. Pretend, for a moment that you’re not an optometrist but rather, a tightrope walker–one of the best tightrope walkers out there. Even though you’re world-famous for your skills, you always work with a safety net below you. Have you ever needed it? Nope. Do you plan to ever need it? Absolutely not. But it’s there, and you can continue doing your job with full confidence knowing that if something does happen, the fall won’t be quite so damaging. Now, think about liability insurance that way. Even if you’re the world’s greatest optometrist, you can’t control claims, whether it’s accidental or alleged ones. That liability insurance is going to act as the safety net that protects you from things outside your control. And that means even if you do fall one day, the way down won’t be so scary, and the recovery time will be substantially quicker.

What Kind of Liability Insurance Does Career Shield Insurance Provide for Optometrists?

Here’s a more in-depth look at how we provide for optometrists with our comprehensive coverage

  • General Liability: protects optometrists like you from claims for injuries or property damage. With Career Shield Insurance, you have a $1 million per occurrence and $3 million individual annual aggregate for general liability claims.
  • Professional Liability: provides coverage for claims asserting you were negligent in your services and an injury or form of damage occurred as a result. Professional liability claims also come with a $1 million per occurrence and $3 million individual annual aggregate.
  • Product Liability: provides protection from an allergic reaction from the use of products in performing your services. You’ll be covered up to $1 million for product liability claims.
  • Rental Damage Coverage: provides coverage for damages you or a client caused to a rented space, up to $100,000.
  • Stolen Equipment: provides $1,000 worth of coverage for any equipment that’s stolen, less a $250 deductible.
What’s the Difference Between Occurrence Form and Claims-Made Insurance Policies?

Consider these terms more confusing jargon that isn’t quite as complicated as they sound.  At Career Shield Insurance, we proudly offer occurrence form coverage for a very distinct reason–it provides ultimate reliability. Occurrence form coverage guarantees that you’ll be protected for the time period in which your policy was active. That applies even if a claim is filed retroactively. So, if an ex-patient files a claim against you a week, a month, or even years after your policy with us expires, but the alleged event took place when your policy with us was active, we’ll cover you. No questions asked. A claims-made policy, on the other hand, will not work the same way. Instead, it will only cover you and only take care of you when your policy is active.

My Employer’s Insurance Will Cover Me If Anything Happens—Do I Really Need My Own?

Even if your employer has your best interest at heart, their insurance is going to do what it’s designed to do: protect your employer. And that’s not a bad thing. That’s precisely why your employer has insurance. And that’s another reason you should have your own insurance. You, like your employer, deserve to be the person protected by their policy.

How Long Does the Quote Process Take With Career Shield Insurance?

We’re all about an up-front pricing model and immediate coverage, so you can count on a speedy process.

What are your limits for each coverage type?

For professional and general liability, the limit is $1 million per occurrence or $3 million annual aggregate. For product coverage, the limit is $1 million annual aggregate. For damage to rental premises, the limit is $100,000. For license protection coverage, the limit is $25,000. For loss of earnings coverage, the limit is $10,000. For first aid coverage, the limit is $10,000. For deposition expense coverage, the limit is $10,000. For assault on your coverage, the limit is $25,000. For good samaritan coverage, the limit is $25,000. 

If you have questions or concerns regarding any of the limits of your coverage, please contact our friendly customer care team members by calling (866) 945-1699, Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM EST, or you may email us directly at info@careershieldinsurance.com.

Can I purchase insurance online?

Of course, you can! Our online portal is streamlined for this purpose exactly. Above all, it’s easy to use and readily available, which means you can purchase insurance whenever you want.

What if I move out of state? Will my Career Shield Insurance still be active?

Where you go, your insurance goes. If you swap practices, open your own practice, or move out of state, we’ve got your back. As long as you are an optometrist, our insurance will cover you.

Can I speak with an optometrist liability insurance expert before making a payment?

Absolutely. It’s no secret that we want your policy coverage experience to be the easiest, most comfortable experience possible. That’s why our team of experts is ready to answer any of your questions whenever you have them. They are available via telephone at (866) 945-1699, Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM EST or you can always email us directly at info@careershieldinsurance.com.