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Reliable Dietitian Liability Coverage at a Peace of Mind Price that Includes License Protection

It’s your goal to help your clients achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle—it’s ours to seamlessly protect you so you can accomplish just that. At Career Shield Insurance, we prioritize your protection above all else by crafting unique, reliable, and affordable liability insurance policies specific to your professional needs.  We believe in putting dietitian professionals like you first. It’s our mission to protect, safeguard, and cover your career, your finances, and your future—no matter what happens.

Our coverage protects registered dietitians (RD’s), dietetic technicians, nutritional consultants & counselors, nutritionists, and clinical nutritionists.


Career Shield makes the process of buying insurance as easy as possible. We have one up-front price for everyone…no matter if you are full-time, part-time, employed, or self-employed.

$143  /12 Months

Monthly payments available starting at $13.11/month

Trusted In Your Industry & Beyond

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our team! Join over 300,000 professionals who are experiencing peace of mind, comprehensive protection, and business-building coverage with our best-in-class malpractice insurance and exclusive member benefits. The best part? We’re backed By Arthur J. Gallagher—Fortune 500 global insurance brokerage—and underwritten by Arch Specialty Insurance Group—with an  A+ Rating by AM Best. 

 Upfront Rates, Speedy Quote Process, & Premium Protection You Can Trust 


Professional & General Liability 

Product Coverage

Damage to Rental Premises

License Protection Coverage

Loss of Earnings Coverage

First Aid Coverage

Deposition Expense Coverage

Assault On You Coverage

Good Samaritan Coverage


$1 million per occurrence/ $3 million annual aggregate

$1 million annual aggregate








General, Professional, & Product Liability Coverage Carefully Crafted For Your Dietitian Career

We’re proud to provide dietitians just like you with premium protection, comprehensive coverage, and a reliable partnership—all at peace of mind pricing.  The inherent, specific risks that go hand-in-hand with your rewarding career are distinct—and we believe you deserve a policy that was carefully crafted to serve you. That’s where Career Shield Insurance comes in. We’ve created a hassle-free process that brings you up-front pricing, immediate coverage, comprehensive protection, and confidence-boosting policies that can help you do your job better and guide you as you continue to grow your dietitian career.

Insurance Policy Highlights


Working with people in the capacity you do—helping them become happier and healthier through their food choices and diet plans—is an incredibly rewarding career. It also comes with inherent risks, too. We realize that no clients or patients are identical. You need the freedom to provide a multitude of services, treatments, and plans to serve them best. That’s why we cover more services for your dietitian career for no additional cost. Even better? Our coverage is designed to be flexible, agile, and portable. That means where you go, your coverage follows. 

Up-Front Pricing, No Long Waits—Your coverage is our priority. Why would we make you wait? Career Shield Insurance offers up-front pricing, speedy processes, and instant coverage. This way, you’re covered faster (and more comprehensively) than ever.  

Coverage That Follows You—Switch employers, move states, or strike out on your own—no matter what you decide, our coverage will move and work with you. We believe in helping you grow your career—that’s why our coverage will never hold you back. 

Occurrence Form Coverage—We believe in providing you with premium protection, and to us, that means offering occurrence form coverage. In other words, we’ll cover your back for your coverage time even after your policy expires. Should someone make a claim for that time period when you were covered at a later date and you’re no longer with our team, we’ll still take care of you!

Instant Coverage—Dietitian professionals like you need coverage immediately—at least, that’s what we think. When you team up with Career Shield Insurance, the days of waiting for coverage to kick-in will be but a distant memory. 


We’ve created an extensive suite of exclusive members’-only benefits for all of our insurance members:

  • Telehealth – Consult with a physician 24/7/365 via telephone, video, or mobile app without needing health insurance — with only a $10 copay. 
  • MetLife – Get access to affordable group rates for dental and add-on vision plans.
  • VSP – Get up to $300 in savings on eye exams and glasses.
  • Lenovo – Save 30% off the everyday public web price of Lenovo’s entire line of PC products. 
  • UPS – Get special pricing on UPS with 50% off Air, 30% off Ground, and free UPS Smart Pickup® Service. 
  • Office Depot/Max – Get 75% off Office Depot and OfficeMax preferred products. 
  • Rental CarsGet up to 25% off the base rate on Budget and Avis rental cars. 

Why Do I Need Dietitian Liability Insurance?   

You work in a specialized field that requires you to be up-close and personal with your clients, but more than that, you’re advising and treating your clients with your advice, experience, and skills. Any time a patient or client’s health is involved, it’s imperative to have your own liability insurance. Why? Because unfortunately, accidents happen, things go wrong, and allegations are made. Though dietitians like you are skilled, experienced, and professional, there’s no guarantee of how someone’s body will react to your treatments or advice—if something bad was to happen, you could be on the hook dealing with the repercussions and damages on your own. With dietitian liability insurance, though, your services, treatments, and advice are covered. This way, you’re teamed up with a reliable insurance partner who will have your back no matter what. Ultimately, the right type of dietitian liability insurance will safeguard you, your career, your finances, and your future.

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Dietitian Liability Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions 

Insurance can be an overwhelming subject—especially if you’re just now learning about what you need and why you need it in your dietitian career. We’ve made it our mission to strip down and simplify the complications of insurance to help better educate and inform you about the key facets of liability insurance. Keep reading to take a peek at some of the most frequently asked questions from dietitians just like you—we hope these answers can provide clarity and insight on your liability insurance journey.

How Important is Malpractice Insurance for Dietitians?

In a word—very. While we firmly believe that all professionals (no matter their industry) should invest in liability insurance, we affirm that it’s especially important for professionals like you with careers that put them up-close and personal with people, advising them on how to be healthier. Unfortunately, we live in a world that’s saturated with litigation—if something was to go wrong—actually or allegedly—it’s likely that you could end up dealing with a claim or a lawsuit. Because everyone reacts and responds differently to your dietitian services, treatments, and health care plans, it can be impossible to predict what might happen when working with a patient or client. Investing in coverage is key to safeguard your finances, your reputation, and your career—and that’s where Career Shield Insurance comes in. 

What’s the Difference Between Occurrence Form Coverage and Claims-Made Coverage?

Occurrence form coverage is the type of insurance that Career Shield believes is the best for our members. While we can’t definitely tell you that one is more beneficial than the other, we can be upfront and honest when telling you that occurrence form coverage will have your back in a more reliable way than claims-made policies. When you choose occurrence form coverage, your policy will protect you for the length of time you were covered—even if a claim was retroactively filed after your policy expires. That means if someone files a claim after your policy expires for an event that transpired during your policy terms, you’ll still be covered under occurrence form policies. With claims-made policies, you’re only covered during your policy period and if that policy is still active. If a claim is filed retroactively after your policy has expired, you’re (unfortunately) on your own. 

How Can I Choose the Best Dietitian Liability Insurance for My Career?

We believe that research is the only way you can make the most informed decision when it comes to choosing the best dietitian liability insurance. We do our part to make it as easy as possible to see how Career Shield stacks up against the competition (scroll up to view our comparison chart that lists our services and benefits side-by-side with our competitors), but we highly recommend that you do a little digging on your own, too. Don’t get us wrong, we believe we’re the best fit for your dietitian coverage—but we know it’s important to not just take our word for it. You need to see it in action.

When Will My Insurance Take Effect?

Just like with any other industry, this answer depends on the company you choose to work with. When you sign up with Career Shield Insurance, though, we guarantee instant coverage and immediate proof of certificate. That means once you become a member, pay, and process the confirmation, you’ll be covered instantly.

How Does the Quote Process Work With Career Shield Insurance?

Career Shield Insurance believes in up-front pricing, no lengthy quote processes, and instant coverage. Why? Because the longer you wait, the longer you’re working without coverage—it’s our mission to minimize that time as much as possible.

Do You Have Member Benefits—Do All Insurance Companies?

We can’t speak for other companies out there, but we can tell you this—we’ve got a pretty extensive list of exclusive members’-only benefits for dietitians who team up with Career Shield Insurance. From deals, discounts, early product reveals, savings, and beyond, we’ve teamed up with some big names to make these benefits possible, like VSP, Budget, Avis, MetLife, Office Max, UPS, Lenovo, and more. The best part? We’re always adding on to our benefits list. 

My Employer Covers Me Under Their Policy—Do I Really Need My Own Dietitian Liability Insurance?

We know it might be hard to view our answer as unbiased (you know, since we’re an insurance company and all), but we firmly believe that having your own coverage is imperative to your dietitian career. In fact, we’re so adamant about this, we think you should get your own coverage even if it means going with a different provider. Though you might have coverage under your employer’s insurance umbrella, it will never (ever) work specifically for you. When push comes to shove, your employer’s insurance will do exactly what it’s designed to do—protect your employer. That means you’ll likely be left dealing with the fallout on your own. But with your own liability insurance, your protection is guaranteed—you’re the primary focus, not your employer. 

What Kind of Liability Insurance Does Career Shield Insurance Provide for Dietitians?

Your insurance policy should cover more than just one facet of your career—that’s why Career Shield Insurance has created a dietitian liability policy that covers general liability, professional liability, product liability, and beyond. Here’s a more simplified but thorough version of what we cover. 

  • General Liability: protects dietitians from claims for injuries or property damage. With Career Shield Insurance, you have a $1 million per occurrence and $3 million individual annual aggregate for general liability claims.
  • Professional Liability: provides coverage for claims asserting you were negligent in your services and an injury or form of damage occurred as a result. Professional liability claims also come with a $1 million per occurrence and $3 million individual annual aggregate.
  • Product Liability: provides protection from an allergic reaction from the use of products in performing your services. You’ll be covered up to $1 million for product liability claims.
  • Rental Damage Coverage: provides coverage for damages you or a client caused to a rented space, up to $100,000.
  • Stolen Equipment: provides $1,000 worth of coverage for any equipment that’s stolen, less a $250 deductible.
What’s the Difference Between General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance?

Both types of insurance fall under the category of liability insurance, but they tackle different types of coverage. General liability insurance—often referred to as slip-and-fall insurance—takes care of claims for injuries and property damage. Typically, things like tripping and falling on your property are covered under this type of insurance—things that involve you somehow but aren’t a direct result of your actions. On the other hand, professional liability insurance—also called errors and omissions insurance or malpractice insurance—protects you against claims and allegations that are directly related to the services you offer and provide your clients. This type of insurance covers your dietitian services, treatments, and recommendations. 

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