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Career Shield, a subsidiary of Arthur J. Gallagher founded in 1927, provides A+ rated professional liability (or malpractice) insurance direct-to-consumer that is 100% online and the best coverage at the best price.

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If you’ve been shopping around for professional liability insurance (also know as malpractice insurance), you may have experienced hidden prices and long quote processes. Not with Career Shield! Get covered in 3 easy steps.

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We serve over 500 Allied Health and Health & Wellness careers in all 50 states. It’s our mission to protect, safeguard, and cover your career, your finances, and your future with the best general and professional liability insurance at the best price.

Professional Liability Insurance

Protect your career against lawsuits (even if unfounded) claiming negligence, misconduct or incompetence. Also called “malpractice” or “errors and omissions” insurance.

Member Benefits

Your coverage also includes a suite of members’-only benefits such as access to affordable telehealth, affordable group rates for dental and vision plans, and great savings such as 30% Lenovo and UPS.

General Liability Insurance

Know you’re always covered—even when it comes to factors out of your control such as a patient or client “trips and falls.” This is included at no extra cost for most policies.

Identity Theft Protection

We include a $25,000 identity theft coverage with every policy that covers costs incurred by you in case you become a victim of fraud such as lost wages, and legal defense fees.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Easy peasy insurance purchase. The coverage was perfect for my new yoga space. Thanks for a great deal!


Yoga Instructor

This is a very affordable insurance policy to pretect independent operators of various types. The user experience is very good.

A McCarl

Licensed Massage Therapist

Easy to sign up. From the web site wasn’t sure of the coverage so I called the help number. Received prompt, excellent service. 


Licensed Massage Therapist

Career Shield Insurance FAQs

Who is Career Shield Insurance?

As an online provider of general and professional liability insurance just for health and wellness professionals, Career Shield Insurance is able to provide excellent coverage and great rates in one easily accessible package. As a subsidiary of the well-respected Arthur J. Gallagher insurance brokerage, our team is backed by one of the very best companies in the business. Arthur J. Gallager was founded all the way back in 1927 and is rated A+ for its longevity and financial strength. With the strength of this company behind us, our online insurance for health and wellness professionals stands as a 100% secure and reliable insurance policy.


What is malpractice insurance used for?

Malpractice insurance is another name for professional liability insurance. You’ll also sometimes hear this called “errors and omissions insurance”. All of these names point to the same type of coverage for health and wellness professionals. As you perform your given service to clients, you’re unfortunately open to liability should an accident cause an injury or property damage. Even if they are unfounded, claims for negligence, misconduct, or incompetence require coverage. Professional liability insurance covers events specifically related to the services you provide. With a fitness trainer, this could be a client claiming they weren’t spotted correctly and were injured as a result. For a pilates teacher, this may be a student claiming they were pushed too hard during a session and were hurt and now require compensation.

Do speech pathologists need to have liability insurance to practice?

Speech pathology is a unique form of therapy that is extremely beneficial for patients. However, even the most practiced and careful speech pathologists can still face an unforeseen event starting from their very first day on the job. Career Shield’s speech language pathologist liability insurance provides complete peace of mind in one easily accessible insurance policy designed specifically for the types of risks present in this unique line of therapy.

Is there such a thing as malpractice insurance for audiologists?

Absolutely. Malpractice insurance, professional liability insurance, or errors and omissions insurance, are all different names for the same type of crucial coverage audiologists need to practice with confidence. Audiology is an incredibly rewarding career but there’s simply many different types of risks present in the industry. Without adequate insurance, a claim could potentially wreak havoc on an audiologists practice, personal finances, and even career. At just $143 per year or as low as $13.11 per month when financed, audiologist insurance is one of the best combinations of affordability and comprehensive coverage options available.

How quickly does Career Shield’s policy take effect?

One of the best parts of Career Shield’s easy online insurance program for health and wellness professionals is the ability to gain complete coverage in just a few minutes. Simply find your profession among our many different coverage options, see the price and coverage available, fill out a quick application, and check out. As soon as you’re done, you’ll enjoy full coverage with access to all your important plan documents like certificates of insurance.

What makes your liability insurance program A+ rated?

A+ ratings are provided by ratings firms like AM Best to convey the financial strength of the insurance company to be able to cover the costs of the claim. AM Best is one of the oldest and most-respected ratings services and provides an analysis of how financially solid the insurance company is. We’re so proud to have the backing of A+ rated Arthur J. Gallagher insurance brokerage.

How long does it take to get professional liability insurance?

On average, our entire process takes five minutes or less to get complete coverage including professional liability insurance.

Why does Career Shield include Identity Theft Protection?

We live in a very online-focused world where everything from social media posts to banking is completed on the web. Recognizing the increasing risk, we include up to $25,000 in identity theft coverage with our policies in case our members become a victim of fraud. This is just one way we produce an all-encompassing policy for today’s health and wellness professionals.

How much does a professional and general liability insurance policy cost?

Career Shield is all about the most accessible and upfront insurance policy possible for health and wellness professionals. Our all-encompassing policies are available for literally hundreds of different professionals with annual and reduced bi-annual pricing specific to each profession. You can also choose our convenient financing plan option which provides low monthly payments.

Why do you need liability insurance specific to a health or wellness career?

Health and wellness professionals know that their work requires a lot of one-on-one attention with their clients. Leading, guiding, and helping develop clients towards a better well-being within whatever discipline you’re focused on requires trust and devotion. Career Shield understands this and so tailored our program specifically for the types of risks our members face every day. Other broad insurance programs may not have the right kinds of coverage when it matters, which could leave you having to pay out of pocket for something that wasn’t covered.

What’s the best liability insurance policy for the health and wellness industry?

The best liability insurance is one that provides an all-encompassing plan specifically for professionals in this field. Providing accessible coverage, that’s easy to attain, and for a great rate are all marks of a solid liability insurance plan. You should also look at the ratings behind the company. Career Shield is proud to have the backing of A+ rated insurance brokerage Arthur J. Gallagher. 

Do you need to have a dietitian insurance policy to see clients?

Not having insurance is a lot like driving your car blindfolded and hoping for the best. Dieticians are providing expert advice to help their clients reach their health goals. Even beyond providing this crucial service, there are many other areas within your practice that can present liabilities for the professional dietician. One of the most common types of liability is general liability, which can be as simple as a client slipping on your front door mat and injuring themselves in the fall. Without the protection of dietician insurance in place, events like these would come completely out of pocket.

What types of professions does Career Shield cover with liability insurance?

Career Shield Insurance is proud to cover such a wide range of health and wellness services by providing audiologist insurance, cosmetology insurance, dietician insurance, estheticians insurance, fitness insurance, massage insurance, pilates insurance, speech language pathologists insurance, and yoga insurance. Within each of these insurance coverage types, members will enjoy coverage for many different types of services specific to their discipline. We do this because we know professionals often need to provide multiple services even within the same session to get the best results for clients. 

What does an occurrence form policy mean?

Occurrence form coverage is a provision you won’t find in every insurance policy but it can literally mean the difference between full coverage and none at all on the exact same claim. Unlike claims-made coverage, occurrence form looks at when the actual event occurred not when you file a claim. This makes a big difference as you near your policy expiration. With claims made, after your policy expires, there’s no going back and filing a new claim. Occurrence form says if an event happens during your policy term, even if it’s now expired, you can still go back and file a claim for that event. We only use occurrence form coverage in our policies because we know the real world rarely acts like we expect it to.

Do you get member benefits with Career Shield Insurance?

Yes and yes! We provide a full suite of exclusive member benefits so that our policyholders get the maximum value for choosing to partner with us for their insurance needs. You’ll get awesome discounts on business-related services and products at places like Lenovo, UPS, and Office Depot, access to Telehealth physicians, Metlife group rates for dental and add-on vision plans, and VSP vision savings.

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